As part of my Uni studies we’re sharing some info about ourselves with others in the course (MA in ICT in Education).

I’m Mike, I work to help teachers integrate ICT (moving it to ‘innovate with ICT’) into their teaching and learning. With the pace of innovation and change in ICT in Ed, it’s important of course to focus on the learning, not the bells and whistles. My emphasis is on ‘learning today’, and what that looks like. I work mainly in Primary and know that the students come to school ‘today’ – so that’s the learning environment schools need to deliver.

2 thoughts on “Info”

  1. Hi Mike, I really like how you emphasis on ‘learning today’. It is very true, we, as teachers strive to deliver the best learning opportunities for our students and enrich their learning. Using technology in the school environment is one of the ways to do that. I would very much love to hear more about your ideas and how you implement ICT practices in the learning environment.

    1. Thanks Amal,
      A challenge for us as teachers is to recognise the world that our students live in – always on, always connected at least most of them, depending on the demographic). It’s game over if we as teachers don’t help them build that world and encourage them to challenge us. Not always easy, but essential!

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