Loreto iPads for Learning workshop 20 April

Notes from the session:

SAMR Modela quick video outlining the SAMR model, explained by students

Apps shared during the session
All KLA’s:

Book Creator – now add shapes, speech bubbles
Teacher Guide for iPad – using iPads for learning, many examples,  regularly updated
I Can Animate – stop motion animation app
Explain Everything – add text, graphics, audio and video to ‘explain everything’

Turning photos into talking characters:
Morfo – turn photos of faces into talking characters. Great for history and literacy
ChatterPix Kids – similar to Morfo. Very easy to use

Numeracy focus:
Kids Count – uses Australian notes and coins for money activities
Tally Counters – easy way to count multiple tallies at the same time
PhotoMath – scans number problems, solves them and shows the steps
My Script Calculator – draw a number problem with your finger. Calculator changes it to typed numbers and provides the solution.

Literacy focus – as well as many of the apps above which can be repurposed with a Literacy focus:
Mad Libs – fill in blanks to create crazy stories. Great for grammar and vocabulary development and practice
Puppet Pals – create animations and audio. Very quick and easy to learn how to use.
Toontastic – similar to Puppet Pals. Follows the narrative story arc. Enter animations and voice for Intro, Conflict, Challenge, Climax, Resolution

App Smashing:
Mark Anderson’s ‘App Smashing’ iBook in the iBooks Store
PicCollage – quickly combine multiple photos into a collage
Tellagami – create an avatar, record your voice and the avatar speaks it for you

GameUrVideo – save time by applying effects while videoing