Loreto Kirribilli workshops

Moving to Mac workshop notes 

Updated 29 Jan to add answers and links to questions raised in the workshops.

– This workshop is for participants moving from Windows to Mac (OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 version)

– Tour of the Mac interface – video tutorials, icons, multi-touch gestures, preferences, the Dock
– Using Applications – Launchpad, iTunes, App Store, Preview, Quicktime
– Dictation – use enhanced Dictation to convert speech to text
– Screenshots – take a screenshot on your Mac
Exporting a document as a PDF: In most applications, choose File > Export then select PDF. This link shows a graphic  Export as PDF
Force quitting (for when the ‘spinning beachball’ just keeps spinning). Click on Apple icon in top left of screen and select ‘Force Quit. In the window that pops up, click on the application which you want to quit. Remember that you will lose any changes you made since the last time you saved the file. Keyboard shortcut: Command + Option + Esc
Notifications: how to use and customise Notifications
Exporting bookmarks / favourites from Internet Explorer (IE) on a PC then importing them into Safari on a Mac: there are several ways to do this. Here’s one: export your favourites / bookmarks from IE then email them to yourself, then import them on Safari (scroll down to point 2, ‘Get your IE bookmarks into Safari’.)
How does the App Store work? Overview of the Mac App Store


iPad workshop notes 

This workshop is for participants using iPads to enhance teaching and learning.


Apple’s iPad support page – comprehensive support for using your iPad.
iPad overview – buttons, screens and other tools
iPad 101 – covers most of the steps involved in setting up your iPad.

Control Center, AirDrop

Use Control Centre on your iPad
Use AirDrop to share files, photos and more


Apple’s Accessibility page.
Accessibility tips and tricks.

iBooks Author

Here is Apple’s iBooks Author support page.
Video tutorials – using iBooks Author to make a Multi-Touch Book (YouTube)


Appitic – A great list of Apps categorised and reviewed by Apple Distinguished Educators

Create an iTunes Store account without a credit card

Follow these steps to create an iTunes Store without a credit card.

iTunes App Store:

Apps which come built-in on iPads 
Book Creator – create interactive books on the iPad. Here’s an article on 4 compelling ideas for using Book Creator in the classroom
Appitic website – a large list of apps, sorted into categories
iAnnotate PDF
Educreations – ‘interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool’
Explain Everything – screen casting and interactive whiteboard tool
iDoceo – very comprehensive teacher tool for collecting work samples, organising classes and assessing student work

 iBooks Author

Apple’s iBooks page.
Apple’s iBooks Author page.