‘Getting the most out of your iPad’ – SASS workshop

Here are some links which will are useful reminders for what we cover in the workshop.

Apple’s iPad support page – comprehensive support for using your iPad.
iPad overview – buttons, screens and other tools
iPad 101 – covers most of the steps involved in setting up your iPad.

Getting to and from The Home screen
Multitasking – running several apps at the same time and switching between them

Creating an iCloud account – Apple’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

Arrange your apps to suit your needs.
Making folders of apps – how to group apps together into folders
There are so many apps on the App Store – which ones are best? Here’s a great curated list off apps for all levels of education Appitic.com

Find out what’s available in the iBookstore

Editing text – delete text, make it bold, underline or italicised.
Keyboards – change the keyboard, add new keyboards (such as emoji)
Keyboard layouts – split the keyboard or move it to the centre of the screen
Dictation – use Siri to dictate text instead of typing it in

Search your iPad for apps, mail, notes and more