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 Explain Everything is an app for iOS and Android which helps teachers and students ‘explain everything’ about what they are teaching and learning. 

As well as the app, there is a manual available in iBooks which describes all the functions of the app.

How can Explain Everything improve teaching and learning?

Some questions to consider:

So what are the deeper implications for teaching and learning that apps like Explain Everything raise?
What does it mean for you as a teacher if your students can show you their learning with video and audio?
How can it help you give better, more targeted feedback to those students than is possible in a paper – based classroom?
If you can create video tutorials for students who need reinforcement of concepts, how does that free you up to work with other students who need your help?


The creators of Explain Everything (EE), Morris Cooke, have several tutorials showing how to use features of EE. They have also created a manual and an iTunesU course.
Newington College in Sydney have a blog devoted to their use of iPads at school, including some posts on how they use EE. In this post, Rolf Kolbe demonstrates a great way to make tutorials, combining a note taking app and EE:

More tutorials from the web:

Creating an instructional video

This link will take you to many more video tutorials on You Tube.

SAMR Model

– Ruben R. Puentedura’s blog
– Queensland Dept. of Ed Great explanation of SAMR model using persuasive writing as an example
– ‘How to use the SAMR model for classroom tasks‘ from the Edudemic site