Brief notes on ISTE 2013

Getting together at ISTE
Several things I explored at ISTE 13:
There were over 53,000 tweets sent by over 10,000 different tweeters. Go direct to the source and check them all by using the hashtag #iste13

Global collaboration projects
 Flat classroom project –
Considering taking the Flat Classroom Teachers course:
Also found out that the 2014 Flat Classroom Conference will be held in Sydney:
Project based learning (PBL)
Missed out on a session with Suzie Boss because it was booked out – an indication of the level of interest in PBL. Did meet up with some fellow Australians doing PBL including @tickytecky and @biancah80
Games in education
Attended session called ‘Epic Leadership: Beyond the Hype of Gamification’
Best parts of this session for me were Marianne Malmstrom’s sharing of her work with students using Minecraft. There are some excellent resources here, thanks for sharing.
Make new connections with other educators
Met up with some people who are organising the program for next year.
Also met educators from Alaska who are interested in developing authentic global collaboration projects.
A look at some Learning Management Systems 
A look at Haiku
A look at Schoology
A look at Canvas
All I can say at this point is that there are some very good Learning Management Systems out there and choosing between them is not always easy….
Some blog posts about ISTE 13 by others who were there: 
Todd Nelsoney’s blog about how ISTE13 changed everything. 
Isaac Pineda’s blog post ‘Bringing ISTE home
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