Recently during what would traditionally be called a ‘Staff meeting’, students and teachers shared their learning with each other. Parents were present too when the students were sharing. Briefly, here are my notes from the Learnmeet.

Year 1 students sharing how they completed their individual research projects and what they learned in the process.

Year 2 students sharing their Numeracy learning by telling us about the book ‘One is a Snail and Ten is a Crab‘ and then posing a question to the rest of us – “How many ways can you make 24 by choosing different animals (that have different numbers of legs).

Year 5 student sharing how edmodo has helped her learning this year.

Kindergarten teachers sharing the importance of play in early years learning. I liked how they finish with the question ‘When was the last time you played?’ They also demonstrated use of iPads to help a new arrival student to practise sentence building and storytelling.

Year 1 teachers sharing how they use Moodle to set up weekly forums with a question for the children to respond to and share their responses. Also posting activity sheets that parents have requested to help their children with Numeracy and Literacy practice at home. Establishing and strengthening the home / school link.

Year 2 teachers sharing the importance of collaboration and reflection in promoting successful open plan learning spaces. Called on the work of Michael Fullan and others to emphasise the importance of using research evidence as part of the basis for planning open plan learning spaces. Some of our teachers had earlier been to a seminar run by Michael Fullan, part of which focused on the wrong and right drivers for educational change. It was good to see these terms being used by the teachers to describe how they use research findings to help guide them in their implementation of open plan learning spaces.

Year 3 teachers sharing how they organise their learning space, and the process of working together to maintain flexibility in managing a timetable that accounts for different preferences in learning styles and the ‘interruptions’ that occur.

Year 4 teachers sharing how they use Dropbox to share teaching and learning resources. Each of the Year 4 teachers is part time, so they need a way to share resources and they need to be able to upload and download them both from home and from work.

Year 5 teacher sharing how now is an exciting time to be teaching, with the many opportunities that tools such as edmodo provide for collaboration and shared learning.

Teacher shared her experience of the PLANE Festival of Learning and how she has already implemented an initiative around game based learning as a result of attending the festival.

Teacher sharing the work of John Hattie and how that has made her rethink and change her teaching to focus more on the students’ view of learning and to prioritise activities which have a higher ‘effect size‘. In the videos below John Hattie explains and describes teaching practices and their effect sizes.

‘Disasters and below average methods’

‘Effective methods’

Teacher sharing experience of ISTE 2012 Conference and implications the experience has had on promoting the way we organise Professional Learning.

Teacher Librarian sharing a new vision for the junior school library space, with of focus on making the more flexible and open to a variety of uses throughout the day.

The Learnmeet was a great way for our teachers and students to share their learning in a supportive, collaborative way. Having attended Teachmeets and a Studentmeet it seemed a good idea to blend the two. I’m glad we did and am looking forward to more next year.